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Vision & Mission

Objective (Vision)


  • To provide the best education, which will enable young men/women to build their careers as professional managers & technocrats.

  • To equip them with up-to-date knowledge to develop managerial skills and aptitudes and to instill business ethics that will ensure their competent performance as managers & technocrats.

  • To provide a broader socioeconomic scope against which a particular managerial problem can be assessed. The emphasis shall be on decision-making process with reference to the Indian and International situation.

  • To develop of managerial expertise for implementation of business aspects.

  • To introduce basic tools to analyse the concepts of functional areas of management and business. To develop special skills and management aptitude required in global environment.


To provide quality education to budding managers, technocrats and equip them with up-to-date knowledge of technical skills / attitudes. To instill professional ethics, competence and provide best placements in corporate / industry.